Livin’ and Lovin’ in LA

A short three months have flown by. Living in LA is a completely new experience and the lessons that I have learned throughout my college experience have came to light in the outside world. It’s actually interesting that I used some of the the things I learned outside of school, critical thinking being the most resourceful.

While in LA, I was enjoying a gap period before heading out to my next adventure. In the time I was there, I tried to capitalize on my time. Although I worked at Starbucks, I had time to explore the city. It’s kinda crazy how so many people live in the city. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is insane during the summer with the absurd number of tourists. Walking to work at 6am, the place is eerily silent. Those early morning walks were some of the best times I had in LA.

Of course, there are other things to do as well. Hikes up Runyon Canyon, the Hollywood Sign, and neighboring mountains outside the county lines. One trip I remember, in blissful agony, was the hike up San Jacinto. A four hour hike up (and 3.5 down) with in increase in 4,000 ft altitude…all in converse. On top of that, midway through, I ran out of water. Luckily a park ranger passed by and threw a few bottles my way. All that said, the views were breathtaking. And absolutely worth the trip. I probably won’t do it again but recommend it to anyone.


Being an epicenter of films, music, and lifestyle, there were always new and exciting things to attend and enjoy. Concerts every weekend. One Republic was abasolutely amazing. There even is something called “Brunchcon,” a convention all about brunch. Bottomless mimosas and brunch food ’til you drop. Not to mention the rest of the wonderful food in LA. Man, I could eat forever.

I can’t believe 3 months slipped away from me so quickly in Los Angeles. It really is the city of angels. Couldn’t be happier to have spent my days there and will cherish it dearly. Thank you to all the people who showed me kindness while I was there. Don’t worry though…

I’ll be back soon,


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